Taking a look around the Web

Mailbox C is new to the web. We are looking around to see what ids avlble. Mailbox C likes Creative snail mail. Not only are we exploring products avalble but we are also looking at what services are out there for snail mail loves to participate in. Doing the research to provide a fun place for all Creative Mailbox peeps.

Product Reviews.

Our first product reeview is a comparison between a Brother Scan and Cut and the Cricut Exploer AIr. The hardest thing about making a decision on buying this type of product is getting good knowledge before you buy. Mailbox C like to give good honest feedback. Caricteristicts of a product that appeal to one person may not appeal to someone else. So we try to give information in a factual content.

Mailbox C Product Line

Mailbox C is offering products that are avalble in other stores. We purchse items and sell them in smaller quantaties. Many people that are horders (in a good way) of craft supplies, simply buy more then is needed for a project and have a lot left over. Mailbox C offers smaller quantaties so you can purchase the amount you need instead of the amount avalable. Some of our products  are handcrafted and those products are exclusive. We hope you enjoy our handmade products such as our envalopes. Made from pretty card stock for fun!

Matching up Penpals

Thank you, for giving us your time. Our site is growing and we want to grow friendships too. Take a look around and send us your thoughts. Your feedback is appreciated. If you are looking for a pen pal then send us an email and we will be glad to match you up with someone. Our penpals are sending letters that contain somesort of creative elements. Please include your name address, what type of crafting you do, and any personal information you would like to match up.