Mailbox C

Get Creative with your Snail Mail!
Mailbox C is a new project and is under construction in some places. Please forgive us if a link is not working or something is not yet connected.

About us

Celebrating all forms of Creative Snail mail! Come join us!

Mailbox C started as a group of artist who have a taste of contemporary nostalga. We enjoy technology but we really enjoy art and crafting. Mailbox C are pen pals, secret pals, and even some Pocket Letter Pals who have gotten together to enjoy the art of sending snail mail in each one's own creative way.
Mailbox C still enjoys sending love through the mail. We enjoy doing projects for the military and the kids in transitional living. Everyone is welcome at Mailbox C. Our little shop is just starting to grow so you can find some of those things you like to make creative mail. It is fun to get new stickers to put in a text but how cool is it to get a pack of stickers in the mail to send to your friends. So come join us! Start writing. Dust of the address book and send a card to a friend.

How Mailbox Creative works

  1. 6> Share your experiance
    Give your mail time to get to your C pal. After they recive the mail then post your pictures or tell your friends. Getting mail from friends is a nice surprise, pass on the love and let none mailers know how great the Mailbox C experience was for you.
  2. 4> Package it up the Mailbox C way!
    Creative mail is more than a surprise inside, it is creative outside as well. Find things that are mailing appropriate. Like colored tape and pretty mailing labels. Buy stamps that match the creative spirt that your package is carrying to your C pal.
  3. 1> Find your person (C Pals)
    Look for your person you are going to send your creative mail. Is it your beastie? A coworker? maybe it is a secret pal or a special interest group! Mailbox C can help you get a pen pal or a swap to participate with snail mail surprises. We call our recipients C pals, it is just more fun than receiver of mail.
  4. 2> Design your Creative Mail
    Make your mail special! Look for ideas on our blog and try something new! Surprise your C pal with a trinket or two! Dress up the page or maybe a card but leave room to say hello and ask a question or two!
  5. 3> Take some pictures!
    Keep a log of your mail in pictures. You can put them in a scrapbook or a mini album. Maybe a file on your computer. Once your art is gone it is nice to have a way to remember what creative thing you did that day.
  6. 5> Give to the Mailperson
    Make sure you have proper postage and the envelope or package is properly sealed. Use pretty stamps and hand in the parcel. Give to the mail people wether that is at your front door or at the post office but the sooner you send your mail the sooner your C pal gets their surprise.
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DO something special! Put a snail in the mail for your C Pal!

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